Mount Vernon Basics Overview


    During these early years of brain growth, infants and toddlers absorb massive amounts of information from interacting with other people. This early learning becomes the foundation for all future learning. 
    The Mount Vernon Basics are five fun, simple and powerful ways to help all our children become the happiest and most successful they can be. Let's seize the opportunity!
    Who Is Involved?
    Everyone! Partners include hospitals, health centers, community centers, child care providers, churches, and others.
    What If I'm Not a Parent? 
    Doesn't matter! We want everyone to know the Mount Vernon Basics. Learn so that you can help spread the word and encourage parents and caregivers of young children.

    The Mount Vernon Basics Campaign is a coalition of individuals, organizations, and child care providers working to make sure that every child gets a great start in life. The campaign is an initiative of the Mount Vernon City School District. We welcome you to join us in our effort to support ALL the children of the City of Mount Vernon.

Contact Us

  • Office of School Improvement
    165 N. Columbus Avenue
    Mount Vernon, NY 10553
    (914) 665-5227

    Kathryn Weiss
    Mount Vernon Basics Administrator

    Basics Trustee Members
    Dr. Marguerita Circello,
    Olga DeJonge, Michelle Jorge,
    Arthur Muhammad, Marlon Stephenson
    Suzanne Weaver